Thursday, December 19, 2013

She made it to Idaho!

I made it to Idaho! wow it has been crazy the past week. We left on Tuesday and were bussed up to the mission. 5 hours on a bus is a long time. Anyways we arrived and the mission office and had orientation then went back to the mission home and had dinner the sisters stayed the night there. Mom you would love sister Curtis she is amazing and so kind. Wednesday was transfers. That was a rough day you know how I don't like change or the unknown so I was a wreck. I did however see Elder Stoddard, wow does he look different (he looks just like his dad now) it was good to see him ill send pictures on Monday. So my companion is sister Cluff she is amazing and so kind. We are opening up a new area in Mountain Home. Which ironically is closer to Boise. It has been crazy so far the past few days. There is so much to do and so little time. We are staying in a members home. Sister B is a widow who lives in the most amazing house ever it was built in 1900 and is amazing. We live up stairs in what we call our apartment. But she is an amazing lady who is so kind. she loves playing the piano and plays church hymns all the time. Well I just had to quickly email you. Ill email you again on Monday which is P day here. also I wanted to let you guys know we are trying to find somewhere to Skype or call home on Christmas. So I don't know what time yet. I think we will be skyping . So plan on that Christmas day. Love you all so much and cant wait to talk to you guys!


Sister Owsley


  1. oh, the memories this brings back! long bus rides, transfers. she sounds like she's doing great already!

  2. Thanks Brooke. I am sooo happy to just know where she is and that she is happy and she sounds busy and that is when she is the happiest!