Monday, December 23, 2013

First Week in the Field

Wow has it been a crazy week. So some things I forgot to mention in the other letter, My companion/trainer Sister Cluff  and I are opening a new area here in Mountain home. She hasn't been here and obviously neither have I so It has been an interesting few day needless to say. we have no investigators at the moment so we are talking to lots of people. Our Area covers 2 wards our area (the two wards) covers about 80 miles, and guess what mom? We are on... BIKES!!!
hah I got a good laugh about that when president Curtis told us so did everyone else. The unfortunate part is we don't even have bikes yet so we are on foot till we can find some.(Yes,  Mountain home is that small!) ON Saturday though we went up with Sister Freer, a member of 4th ward that we cover, to Prairie, Idaho which is a small town about 60 miles north of town. We went to meet the less active sister up there and visit with them. Dad would have been so jealous. there were deer everywhere and all the people there live in old log cabins. One of the families we visited lives in a old convenience store that is now a house. It is so beautiful up there. We will definitely go back when I come home! Sister Freer the one that took us just left today with her family to go to la jolla for Christmas I gave her all the good places to go, and maybe a letter to bring to Escondido :) So if a lady comes by saying she knows me let her in! She so sweet!

Yesterday after Church Sister Cluff and I went out to try to meet some less active and part member families. As we were walking home we still had a half an hour till we needed to be back so we stopped and prayed to know what to do. We decided then to go visit this other family that lives near us. On the way there we both go an impression to stop at a house we were passing so we did. It was this older man named Juan he told us how some missionaries had come by some years before and so we asked him if we could come back and visit him and he said yes! It was amazing how the lord lead us to him. I'm am so excited to be here. Yes I am really home sick and yes the days are long but. After last night I don't know how I could not want to share this joy with everyone! I Love it here in Mountain Home and according to president Curtis I should be here for at least 6 months and I'm so excited! Being a missionary I now know how important it is for member support! Please help the missionaries any way you can. Pray for opportunities to share this joy with others. It is too good to keep to ourselves. A scripture I read was in Mark 5:19 It talks about how great the Gospel of Jesus Christ is and how we should want everyone to feel the peace and joy it brings! pray always and seek opportunities to bring others unto Christ. That's part of our purpose as missionaries. whether it be sharing the gospel or just being a good friend we should all be striving to show Christ Like love. I love you guys so much!

Sister Owsley


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