Thursday, December 26, 2013

We Love Skype!

We got to Skype with Sister Owsley for an hour on Christmas. She looks so happy and is doing well. She told us all about the area she is in. It is a new area so they don't have anyone to teach yet so prayers would be appreciated so they can find some new investigators :) She said it is very cold and asked for more fleece lined tights and a short down coat she can use when she is riding a bike, although they are suppose to borrow bikes from members but so far have had no luck acquiring some so they walk ALOT! She said last Tuesday they walked 6 miles which is a good thing since she said every meal they get fed includes meat and potatoes and funeral (cheesy) potatoes are a staple at every meal! It was so good to see how happy she looks and to hear her voice. We know she is loving doing the Lord's work and is where she needs to be right now.
We put her on the big screen!    Sisters!!!
There may have been a few tears shed at the end :(...
Sister Owsley with Mission President Curtis and his Wife
Who she Adores!!!

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