Friday, January 3, 2014

You Don't Know The Good Without the Bad

Wow this week went by so fast. It was crazy to me sitting here that its been almost a month since I left! time keeps speeding up and its so great! It s weird though the days seen to stretch on forever but the weeks pass by so quickly.
I loved talking to all you guys on Christmas it was such a blessing really because I was really missing home and talking to you guys made me feel so much better knowing everything is okay and you guys are doing good.
Well Friday was probably the hardest day for me. I think me and Sister Cluff calculated that we walked close to 15 miles that day. We just went out and started contacting people in the wards that were less active and part member. Its hard getting a door shut in you face when you know how much joy this gospel can bring to someone's life. we ended up contacting around 45 to 50 people that day, and we only had 3 return appointments. Which considering isn't too bad, but I was really having a hard time. I remember thinking this is not what I thought it was supposed to be. We came home that night and I was so sore and tired that all I wanted to do was crash on my bed and forget the day. The next two day though were AMAZING! Saturday we had two appointments. The First was with a girl named Rebecca she is 21 she was baptized when she was 8 but hasn't been to church since she was 10 so she doesn't understand much but she told us she is ready to find true happiness in her life so we told her we could defiantly help with that! :) She actually Chased down the Elders in Waley World (A..K.A Wal-Mart) and gave them her phone number cause she felt like they could help! That morning we also called the primary president to see if she could come with us to some appointment and she said yes! which was so great because we tried to get others to come and no one was available. SO she came and picked us up and we headed to the appointment. The Gentry's who we were visiting his wife ended up not being there and he told us he couldn't meet to day which was so disappointing but sister Weber the primary president turned to us and was like aright where else can we go we drove around to 5 more houses and no one wanted to meet. She suggested a family that was part member and less active. We went and there dad wasn't home but the mom and kids were. We talked for about and hour and asked if she wanted to come to church on Sunday and she said she would try. And on Sunday both her and her Daughter came for all thee hours! and her Husband showed up for the last hour! it was a blessing because they haven't come in a long time.
Probably the best moment this week was last night. We had 1 hour till we had to be back and we were at the wrong end of town to contact the people we needed to so we headed to some houses but ended up getting lost and it took too long. So we started to head back we decided to pray to see if on the way back there was anything we could do. We didn't feel like we needed to do anything right then so we started walking back about a block away from home I stopped and we both felt like we needed to stop at house we had passed probably 4 time in the past 2 days. but we stopped and knocked on the door an older lady come out and we asked her if we could share a message she declined which was really unfortunate but before we left I asked if there was anyone she knew who might want to hear what we have to say. She said that her daughter and Next door neighbor was religious and might listen and that she was just diagnosed with her 2nd brain tumor.So we thanked her and started walking over there. We both stopped before the door unsure if we should knock in her door so late and thought we should just come back the next day. As we were walking away we both knew we needed to turn back so we did and Knocked on her door. She immediately opened it and let us in., for a minute we thought she was a member but later found out she has lots of member friends. We talked to her for a hour and she told us about her brain tumor and about how she recently has been wondering why God would do this to her a 2nd time We explained how he has a plan for all of us and no matter what he knows what's best. She also explained how she is very unsure about he whole Joseph Smith This and I just told her that if the Book of Mormon is true than who and what Joseph Smith said and did has to be true. The best part though was that she then asked if we had a Book of Mormon. She said that if she want to know then she has to read it. We were like ya you defiantly should do that. There are no words to describe how I felt! me and sister Cluff both got home and just sat there in shock. There is no way to describe how amazing and wonderful and blessed that experience was.
After those two days there is no doubt in my mind that this is God's work. I cant explain how much I feel like I have grown in the past few weeks. I love this work so  much and I feel more of a sense of who I am. I never worry about if some one will like me or if I will say the right thing because I know this gospel is true and I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses so many lives. These past two days I know with a surety that this God's work.

I love you guys so much and I cant thank you enough for your prayers!
my favorite line this week:
"a mission is the HARDEST thing I have ever LOVED to do"

Sister Owsley


love you all to the moon and back 

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