Monday, January 6, 2014

One Month

I loved hearing about your guys crazy week! sounds like a lot has been happening both good and bad! That's kind of been the theme of my week here in Idaho. Funny how that works :)
I hit my month mark this week !!! weird right? I've been gone for a month 1 down 17 to go. Its almost like once I hit that mark everything got turned up a notch, the good and the bad.
Last Monday we got our bikes, woohoo the only unfortunate part is that its windy here so its a good thing we wear leggings and tights. But they are a blessing and we do get places a lot faster and we are going to be so fit by the end of this transfer!
 New years eve was special because we have to be done working at 6 so every one in our district went over to the Whitten's house ( she is one of out investigators and he is a member) and we got to watch the Prince of Egypt! they made us a ton of food and were amazing! we love teaching them and going over to there house. New Years day I woke up sick and really didn't want to do anything but I decided to get up and go any way. Me being sick actually got us a new investigator  oddly enough. the Lord works in mysterious ways! I still wasn't feeling great the next day so we I stayed in bed for a little while, the mission housing coordinators came and inspected our house though it was interesting... but hey they are just looking out for us right? Friday was the biggest blessing though we had a Zone Meeting and it was all about how to find new investigators, and fill your time which is something we struggle a lot with here. It has been getting better and we are truly finding those ready to learn about the gospel. Saturday we decided to put our words into action from the day before. we had 3 appointments and lots of things to do. Well... all of our plans fell through! But I know that the Lords plan is so much better than anything we could ever think of, because we talked to so many other people who made appointment s to meet with us this week . One of the guys we talked to was a former investigator, he came out of his house and said " can we make an appointment, because I have to learn everything so I can get baptized" we were like yes! we can help you! It was so amazing. I am definitely learning a lot and learning what I can do to become better. It has been a whirlwind of a week. I finally am starting to feel like a missionary. Its crazy to think I have been gone for a month but time seems to be speeding up more and more each week. The days are long but the weeks are short. Its hard but at the end of each day its always worth it. The best thing I learned this week: We are reading the Book of Mormon with the Whitens I'm not sure if I told you guys but last week we committed them to read 1 Nephi Chapter 1, then they told us they were going to read 1 Nephi! we were like that sounds great! Then the committed us to read it with them and what a blessing it has been! As we were talking about what we read this week we talked about how Lehis family always had something good but the Lord made them sacrifice it like there gold and silver in Jerusalem, how they were brought to the sea shore where everything seen perfect but then he asked them to leave and sail across the sea. As we talked about I though It made me realize that we may have something we think is so great but then the Lord may take it away...but whatever he gives us in return is always so much better than what we gave up. His plan I so much better and brings so much more happiness than I could ever dream for myself.

Sister Owsley

Love you all so much!


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