Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The work is moving along

Wow! This past week has been a real growing experience for me. I got everyone's packages this week Thanks so much (especially for the cookies mom!) So we have been teaching the Whittens in 4th ward and It has been going great! We have been reading the Book of Mormon with them and Sister Whiten has been praying about it. I can see she really has a desire to know the truth of it and to come closer to Christ. On Tuesday we had exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders. Sister Cluff went to Twin for a day and Sister Epple came here with me. She is from South Africa and is the funniest person, unfortunately though she was sick the whole day and we didn't get to go anywhere. It was hard but I was able to study and get caught up on a few things. Wednesday we had Zone Conference I saw Elder Stoddard and finally gave him his Christmas present, he was so excited about the See's candy and he loved the tie! (side note: I don't know if Sara told you but he isn't coming home till end of July now, he said Brian was sad) Talk to Sara today we took a picture on Wednesday and he has it (he said he was going to send it) We also taught a lesson that night with Theresa and she has so much love for her family and want what’s best for them she has such a big heart and I can feel Heavenly Fathers love for her. Thursday was weekly planning. Sister Cluff and I really learned a lot from each other that day. We were blessed with a new found determination to serve and we are giving it our all this week. Thursday night we met with Ashley she is the 16 year old who is awesome! She is planning to be baptized on the 1st and is so excited and I am for her too she has such a kind heart and just loves everyone. Friday was amazing! We contacted so many referrals and so many members gave us more referrals. I can see the Lords hand in helping us in our righteous efforts. Saturday we went to a baptism in the morning out in Grand view where the other sisters teach and there was another baptism here in Mountain home for a mom and a daughter that the English Elders taught! The best part of the day though was a former investigator named Jerry met with us. We had set up 2 other appointment last week and he forgot them, but he came! He wants to get baptized, he had read the whole Book of Mormon one night when he was 15 and he finally is ready to give the church a shot, we set a goal for him to be baptized on February 8th and he is so excited! Sunday was good too we ended up teaching Gospel Principals and there were 2 non members which was awesome! I never thought I would love something that was so hard. I keep thinking how much Heavenly Father must trust me to tech his children that he loves so much. I know that he loves each and every one of us no matter what and all he wants is for his kids to come home. I feel so much love here it’s amazing to meet people and feel that you have known them forever. I can’t even express how happy I am and how much Joy this gospel brings to me. I love being on a mission, Its weird sometimes to think about when I was in primary singing about a mission and now I'm here. This is the Lords work and I'm so grateful he has let me be a part of it, and serve him for this brief amount of time. 
Doctrine and Covenants 4 is true!

Love you all so much

Sister Owsley


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