Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Good, The Bad,...and The Black Ice!

Well needless to say this week has been a roller coaster of good and bad! Monday night Sister Cluff and I have been brain storming for weeks now on how to get the members to want to do missionary work and finally Monday we had ides flowing out our ears. It was such a blessing! We also met with Rebecca a less active girl we were referred to, her mom is also less active and her cousin Madison was there as well and she isn't a member. We talked to all of them about the Atonement and what Jesus Christ did. Madison had so many questions, and they were really great she made us stop and take a step back and see if we were explaining everything. It really was a help to us. The best part though was that she asked about baptisms! She is so great and has such a pure heart and I can see that Heavenly Father loves her so dearly. Tuesday was the BEST DAY EVER! We received a new referral form a less active family that we went and taught, we also talked to Courtney an amazing lady who we found tracking. She has been through so much in her life but she has such faith in Christ, she told us that she really admires the Church. She told us we could teach her because she wants to learn as much as she can! we also went on splits Tuesday night. I went with Sister Baxter in 4th ward to her house, her friend Theresa  has been coming to church and said she would meet with the missionaries. Let me tell you I was so afraid of teaching a lesson by myself, but it went so well! It took a lot of Faith and I owe all of it to the spirit I definitely couldn't have taught her without it. Wednesday we went to Twin Falls for a new missionary meeting. It was so great to see everyone and talk to them and hear about there areas. Everyone is really loving it an and I'm so glad I am a part of it. ( by the way you all need to watch Elder Holland's talk on missionary work!) Dun Dun Dun!!!! Thursday happened!  We had a really good lesson with one of our Investigators Ashley we actually had it at a members house (the Schmidt's). Ashley's less active mom was there and got a long really well with sister Schmidt and Ashley's non member sister was there to and she asked lots of questions. The lesson went so well and the Schmidt were so helpful to us. Now the horrible part was that as we were riding home it was like 9pm and had snowed the day before. we went to turn a corner and I hit a patch of black ice and ate it on the road. I was very dumb and tried to catch myself with my arm which actually saved me a whole lot more, but I just talked to the doctor yesterday and I have an external rotation something. Ha-ha I really don't know all I know is that it still hurts. At the time it didn't I actually just started laughing but 2 days later it still hurt so I had to call in and see what was up. It still hurts today but its getting better, I think the doc said it would take about 6 weeks yay! well im just glad it not worse I was very blessed that I didn't break anything! Anyways we had a record on Friday for most lessons taught WhooHoo! Saturday was kind of a downer all of our appointments fell through and we didn't get much done, no one wanted to talk or listen. Sunday we spoke in both 1st and 4th ward about how to be a member missionary. Things are slowly staring to pick up here and I fell like there is a shift going to happen in missionary work . We  really are tying hard and trying to be exactly obedient to be able to receive inspiration and guidance. This week I have really been staring to realize that I am a missionary and I couldn't think of a better place to be . There is nothing greater than bringing the gospel and the Joy of Christ into someone's life and seeing a change in them. I always want to be growing and progressing in coming closer to Christ. I defiantly am happier that way. I love you all!

Sister Owsley

love you to the moon and back!


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