Monday, February 10, 2014

A Flurry of Finding!

First Baptism
Sister Owsley & Sister Cluff
This week has been anything but normal, the beginning of the week I had one companion now I have another weird! Anyways we spent the first few days going to member and investigators houses so Sister Cliff could say bye to everyone. I was very sad too see her go, but I am sure she is doing great things in Jerome. Tuesday night it hit me that I was in charge and she wouldn't be there the next day. Sister Cluff just laughed at me and just like her told me everything would be okay, the funny part was is she left me a ton of sticky notes in random places to remind me of things ha-ha its been great finding them. Transfers were on Wednesday Sister James and I were so nervous we were the only sisters who had been out under like 5 months that were training. Transfer meeting was really short this time and we were back in MoHo (Mountain Home) by 3:30. But my new companion is Sister Tiongson she is originally from the Philippines but now lives in Huston, Texas. So we both love warm weather which was unfortunate this week because I pretty sure a blizzard ran through here for about 3 days it was so cold, probably the coldest it has been since I got here and poor Sister Tiongson it was her first day but we survived. She is awesome, I keep telling her she is going to cook Asian food for me one of these days  and she readily agreed :) Haha but she really is great and wants to work hard. I keep telling her we are in this together because I don't really have much of a clue either. She has been really patient with me and I appreciate it so much! On Wednesday night after transfers we had a lesson so she got to jump right into teaching, it was with Teresa and she is so kind, so it was a good first lesson. Unfortunately this week we found out that the Whitten's are moving in two weeks now instead of a 2 months. Its so sad they are like family now and I am going to miss them so much. I know that's where the Lord wants them though because they are getting job offers left and right. I told them that I was coming out after my mission and staying with them and they were going to take me to Mount Rushmore haha. They agreed! This week we contacted a lot of different people. We have a new investigator Julie she is the wife of another investigator and they said we could come back and talk to them. They have 3 little kids 2 little girls and a little boy, and they are crazy awesome. We have had so much success this week with teaching lessons and It comforts me to know that this is the Lords work and not mine because I couldn't do this. I really am Learning to listen to the spirit more, and carry it with me wherever I go. I want to be the best missionary I can for the Lord because I am on his time now not mine. I want to come out of this being better than I was. But most of all I want to please the Lord with what I do. Its all a learning process and a Trainer now it weird I see so many more fault and so much more I can improve on everyday. I pray continually to be better each day. Something I came to realize is everyday though Is a gift from the atonement to improve ourselves. Well I hope all is well in sunny San Diego, and I really hope everyone has a better week. No more sick people and no one getting hurt, we will try the same here :) love you all and really hope this week is a good one, prayer! its the Best!


Sister Owsley
p.s. I got a lot of packages this week One from Grandpa Ashcraft, one form Grandma and One D.O.T.S package which mad me laugh it was great. Grandmas package has Chocolate Band-Aids in it which I found really funny. 

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