Monday, February 17, 2014

Spreading the LOOOVE!

This week has been anything but boring. We had so much to do this week and still so much to do. I guess that's a good thing we all know how I like to stay busy so its better that I am busy than doing nothing. We are really trying to get more set appointments every week and we are getting more and more investigators. We met a part member family this week named the Watson's. Brother Watson isn't a member but Sabra his wife is. He had the missionary lessons with 3 different sets of elders. while going through our directory we cam across there name and decided to give them a call. Sister Watson answered and at first she was really hesitant then sister Tiongson told her that sisters are way different and she totally told us to come over and she would make sure her husband was there. We went over and talked with them and they are so sweet and kind, we committed both of them to pray and they agreed. Brother Watson then commented that he wants a better relationship with Christ. Which we can help with. They asked us to come back so we are going to start teaching them regularly.
So we have another investigator named Jenny she just turned 18 and is amazing. The elders are the ones that started teaching her but she ended up being in 4th ward. But she is so excited about baptism and she is definitely ready. So she is going to be baptized on the 8th of march. We also have a baptism on the 15th for Paul and Leah Young who are brother and sister. They both came to church this Sunday by themselves and totally took themselves to primary and everything, It was so funny me and Sister Tiongson were cracking up. 
This week on Saturday we went with one of our investigators Courtney to the Pearson house in 2nd ward. There were about 10 people there all to support Courtney. She decided she wanted a priesthood blessing and she set the whole this up and came over and picked us up to go to it. It was hilarious. But she left on Sunday to go to Baltimore for surgery and so she wanted it before she left. the spirit was really strong and she expressed a desire to learn and sincerely seek the church when she gets home in a week. The power of the priesthood is amazing and I know she felt that. She really is an amazing person who I have grown to love so much and I cant wait for her to get back and recover quickly. She really wants to be a kind and loving person for everyone and she definitely looks out for us missionaries that's for sure. 
This week we have had so many people to contact and we still do, its amazing how much the work has grown here and how fast it has too. On Friday this week we have a break the fast for the 40 day missionary fast that we have been doing. everyone has to bring a non member so it will be a big night. We are hoping for a big turn out. Of course as you can imaging I am over the moon, because we got to help plan ( and we all know how much I love planning!) But we are doing breakfast for dinner and the youth are doing the program, which is hilarious its a" not so talent- talent show". I'm really excited it will be a fun night. 
Yes i did get you V-day package it cane on valentines day actually. which was awesome. everyone Loves it and everyone love the patches on my bag (and my bag for that matter) Its funny because MoHo is a military town so i get lots of complements on my stuff. haha. 
Over all it has been a really successful week and I just cant believe i have been out for almost 3 months its crazy but I have loved every minute of it. I love you guys lots

 Love you all!

Sister Owsley 

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