Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 7- Some Exciting News

So this week has been great to say the least. Because I hurt my leg we got a lot of rides from member which was amazing! (#blessing) We talked to a lot of people this week, It amazes me how many people we have found since being here and having no one to teach. It really has been a miracle. It is so awesome to see someone finally come to understand the gospel and feel of the Holy Ghost. It makes me so happy. On Saturday we did have a baptism for Ashley, she is so amazing and has such a kind heart. Her baptism was small and simple but it was perfect in every way! Later that day we went over to the Schmidt's house (that where we met with Ashley and her mom every week for her lessons) and Ashley's mom Kathy taught me how to make homemade pies! No one here can believe I had never had pie before my mission.(Anyways for the record pie is delicious!) Ashley was confirmed yesterday by Brother Schmidt in church. It was so awesome to be there and to feel of the spirit that now Ashley has in her life. You cant beat it!
So exciting week this week. Its TRANSFERS! and guess what? I'm Training! Wait What?!?! Yup you heard right.. I Sister Owsley who has only been out for 7 weeks is training! haha President called us and told us. I said "if that what you want me to do.." he was like Yup it is. I am really excited though to be training , nervous yes but I know I'm not doing it alone that I have The Savior to rely on. The funny part is it that there are 4 companionship's here in The Mountain Home District and one person from every companionship is leaving. Sister James the other sister who is staying came out the same transfer as me and she is training too. ( So is the Spanish elder) We also are getting a new district leader. So this week is going to be crazy but I'm excited I like being busy. I am definitely relying on the Lord more each week , but especially now more than ever. I know that President Curtis is inspired and that this is the Lords work. Heavenly Father knows me better, and I can say that I trust his judgment :) he wont leave me hanging. he has given me so much and he will always be there for me. I am excite dot see what he has in store for me. I Really am just grateful for the opportunity he has given me to be here. Love you all!


Sister Owsley

P.s. Leg is healing great the member here have been taking really good care of me and are so nice. Sister smith here gave me some essential oils to use and lots of people are giving us rides.

P.S.S.Also if you have any cds of church music (or les mis) and anyone wants to send them.. I need more music!

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