Monday, March 17, 2014

A Crazy Week

PREFACE: this week has been madness for just about everyone!

You know how they say that in the mission you have the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Unknown fact: it all happens in the same week! Seriously it has been so crazy this week. we started off the week really bad not being able to talk to anyone. no one wanted to listen to our message. We had a few high points, we had an lesson with Courtney at the Petersons house. It went really well, We also had a really good lesson with Lisa and she committed to read the Book of Mormon. So there were some really good points but we had a really hard time trying to contact any of our referrals both Sister Tiongson and I were getting really frustrated and confused at why things weren't working out. we were praying and we couldn't seem to figure out what to do. Thursday came though and things started to get better. That morning we were studying about Ammon and how he came to teach King Lamoni and I don't know something just clicked for us and we started to get it. We realized the Love that comes from the Lord and that its the driving force for our work. We can't do this without his Love and feeling that same love for those we teach and the work. We started with a new found hope for finding and new determination to teach the gospel. What started out as a not so good week became one of the best weeks out here. We had a baptism this week for Jenny and she was confirmed on Sunday. There were so many people there both members and non-members that came to support her and to see the influence she has on those she is around is amazing. She truly is a wonderful person. We also this week were able to contact so many people and make appointments to come back and meet with them. One of the highlights this week was Jocylen, she just came home from her mission, and she called us up this week and basically told us that she was at our disposal and to call her if we need rides or someone to come to lessons. It was such a huge blessing because of her we were able to contact so many people and have so many more lessons than if we were on foot. She has been a huge tender mercy this week. We were able to meet with the Watsons and talk to them about Faith. Brother Watson has definitely been prepared by the Lord. This week has been probably the craziest week. I feel so blessed though that the Lord never leaves us alone and that He is always there to help us. We are going to have hard days and go through trials its one of the things we accepted when we came here and chose this plan, but he didn't leave us alone. I was thinking about 2 Nephi 3:7 this week and it dawned on me when he says he has "... prepared a way for them that they may accomplish the things which he commandeth them." He  always gives us a way its never alone. He gave us the best, He gave us Jesus Christ to lean on for whatever we need. No matter how silly we think it is we can use the Atonement to strengthen us. All he asks is that we obey the commandments. I love you all so much and I am so glad everyone is doing well and Adam is feeling better. I love you Lots and miss you!


Sister Owsley

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