Monday, March 17, 2014

Mellow March Melancholy

This week hasn't been to crazy or exciting. Monday we met with Silvia and she was so sad that we can never stay longer and that we cant watch Son of God... haha it was really funny she is crazy and we love hanging out with her, she is really interested in asking us lots of questions so it has been really hard teaching her, but we did end up talking about the bible and we watched some of the church videos with her. Tuesday we met with Lisa she is really excited about reading the Book of Mormon and she wants to learn more we tried to invite her to the Relief Society activity but she couldn't make it. I got really sick with the flu on Tuesday night, so all day Wednesday I was in bed sick which drove me nuts! Thursday wasn't much different took it really easy and didn't do much. We had a lesson with Teresa at the Baxters house. The Highlight of Thursday was the fact that the Baxters rented 5 llamas to eat there grass in the back yard so we got to hang out with llamas. It was pretty cool and I was pretty excited! Friday we went over to Madison's she is 8 years old and she lives with her aunt who is a member. She Is so excited about the gospel Sister T gave her a Book of Mormon on Wednesday and when we came back she had been reading it and praying every night. She is so sweet and fun we have a lot of fun teaching her. Friday night Sister Guest in 4th ward fed us she made us a whole Thanksgiving dinner. I was stuffed by the end, she made us so much food! it was crazy! Saturday we had Paul and Leah's baptism and confirmation They were so excited and I am going to miss teaching them. them were so much fun. It was so cool to see them get baptized though. They are both 8 years old and it was amazing to me how much Heavenly Father trusts us to make that decision when we are only 8 but how prepared and ready they were to make that choice. Saturday night we made cookies at the Freer's house with Mandy and a Shila (from Featherville) We had a blast with them and they both were asking us lots of questions about missionary work and why we do it. I love talking to people about it and about the gospel its my favorite thing to talk about :)
Sunday was crazy we had a bishopric change in 4th ward which made for a chaotic day but we managed, and we ended up with this part member/ less active family that all came to church and they told us that they want there son to be baptized! what?!?! it was awesome! We also have transfers this week but the best part is... no one in our district is leaving. President decided to keep us all here and we are so excited about that. Really this week hasn't been super interesting or fantastic but never the less we seem to see miracles every day and its such a testimony to me of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I seem to realized more and more how blessed I really am to know of it and be able to live it! I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father and the opportunities he gives me both in blessing and in trials. I love the Lord and I Love being a missionary! I miss you guys so much and love you!


Sister Owsley

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