Monday, March 3, 2014

March Madness

Wow has this week been so crazy. Lets see last Monday we all went over to Sister Parsons and had dinner we cook Philipino food (which was amazing by the way.) Also Sister Whitten and Kaitlin (her daughter) came we had a blast. Tuesday our sister training leaders came and stayed the night because Wednesday we had a meeting in Twin Falls which the drove us too (in a big Sister Scott van too! totally brought memories of going to camp :)) We had the new missionary meeting which was for all the trainers and the new missionaries . It was kind of funny being there they kept asking the trainers for what advice they might give or experiences they had as a new missionary. Sister James and I just sat there and laughed we were like we are still new missionaries we have no advice! haha President just kept laughing it was really funny. So then the sister training leaders brought us back and we went on exchanges with them. Me and Sister Nettles (who is from the way) went to 4th ward and visited people there. We went to the Whitten's because guess what... they moved this week!!! Sad Day!! They were like family it was so sad to see them leave. They are already planning on me coming to North Dakota after my mission. They are so funny and I am really going to miss them. Thursday we had a lot of stuff to do with the other sisters and we also had a lesson with Teresa that night and she said she wants to get baptized like this month too!! woohoo!! I was just smiling the whole time, finally she was like what are you smiling about, I hadn't realized it but I was just so excited to see her so excited about baptism and how much the gospel has changed her. Its amazing to see how much joy the gospel brings into our lives sometimes as members I think we just assume that everyone's life if great but I am coming to understand how much the gospel blesses lives and how much I want it in my life.
Friday we had Zone Meeting in Wendell we talked a lot about Personal study and how it effects your whole day. It really came a perfect time because lately I have been struggling with what exactly I need to be studying an This was just what I needed. I have found that since I am doing these things I am learning what the Lord wants me to know. Its amazing how much he wants us to succeed he never wants us to fail. On Saturday we went to Prairie with sister Freer. Dad you would have died there were quite a few guys fly fishing in the canyon river when we were there also the was a huge flock of turkeys that really would of made a great dinner- just saying. The people in Prairie are so nice they fed us lunch and we got to talk to them and they are so kind to us and we love going up there. This weekend was also Stake Conference and wow Saturday night they had all the youth there too and the youth also spoke it was amazing and they did such a good job. They talked about hastening the work and they really brought the spirit and I learned a lot. Sunday session I also learned a lot and It was great. We also had a lunch at the Wilsons house and they had a new investigator over as well and we had a lesson with Jenny, she is so excited for her baptism this week and I am so excited for her. she is awesome and so ready to have the gospel and the church in her life. Well as I am writing this I see we had a really busy week and It was good. It will be nice this week though to kind of get back to a normal schedule. I really have been focusing on the Atonement this week and It amazing me how much I still learn about it each week. Things that I thought I knew but now I know so much more. The Lord has truly blessed me in my life and I see it more and more everyday. I am so grateful for my Savoir and what he has done so that I have the choice to come back to live with my Father in Heaven again. I love you guys so much. I really hope that Adam gets better this week, he is in my prayers. I love you guys!


Sister Owsley

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